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We help you get your team firing on all cylinders! Let us help you get the most out of your most valuable resource!

Have you a dynamic and driven Corporate Wellbeing provider?

Your Corporate Wellbeing partner should be as dynamic and driven in delivering your health programme as you are in your business. Programmes should be expert led and client centred. That way the unique needs of your business and your workforce are taken care of to optimum effect. Office Athletes represent the expert choice, with an unrivaled consultancy team capable of understanding what your business needs and the practical demands of how to deliver it.

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Do you have a culturally balanced solution?

It’s one thing knowing you need a Wellbeing programme, it’s another to create a culture that provides results for your business wrapped up in a service your team will love. Ease the burden of key stakeholders by allowing us to balance the needs of the commercial teams, people, facilities and finance and contact Office Athletes.

From specialist injury management and postural re-education to new joiner health checks, MOT’s and age related health screening we provide a complete service. Road show’s, special events and ‘Lunch & Learns’ are carefully planned into a your calendar of events. From Physiotherapists to Strength & Conditioning Coaches, nutrition experts and life coaches, we’ll provide the knowledge, experience the people to get the best out of your team. If you really want to compete in business, you’ll need a team of Office Athletes!

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Our science based approach

The battle is to implementing change in our workplace. It can be hard to make decisions that deliver real results. In a survey conducted by Aviva, 65% of employers said that they regonised that it is more important than ever to look after employees health. However, in many cases this view did not appear to be evidenced by action.

We argue that we should aim far beyond just being content with an absence of illness in the workplace as an optimal target for health and wellbeing. This is just the tip of the figurative iceberg (see fig 1). And whilst everyone can become ill from time to time, we believe that through coaching and education, everyone deserves to understand how to positively influence their health, wellbeing and daily physical performance using evidence based techniques.

This myriad of physical and mental symptoms can all be addressed through a process of coaching behaviour and integrating physical activity into our lifestyle. By respecting the natural resistance of our behaviour to change, we can design and implement a plan of action that will successfully modify our ‘bad’ habits long term. Failure to respect this will result in short term change at best and re-enforce a negative association with adjusting. We all have friends, relatives and colleagues who have tried have tried and failed on multiple occasions to change get healthy and ‘lose weight’, only to get some short term change and then yo-yo back to where they once were. It’s this ‘change everything at once’ approach that sets up the failure. Try this a few times and eventually that person won’t want to even start a new attempt for fear of failure.

Adapted from Dr John Travis’ proposed model of Wellbeing

Furthermore, by understanding how our bodies function, it’s physiology, we can implement some of the techniques used by high performance sport and adapt them into highly effective programmes of exercise for everyone. These elicit optimum results for effort invested.  For example, by understanding that the human stress mechanism has its evolutionary roots in our physiology, we can design our exercise type and timing to positively impact on our ability to cope with stressful times.

It is possible for businesses of all shapes and sizes to improve their performance without impacting on their day to day function.  A properly implemented Wellbeing programme will enhance company performance, aid in recruiting and retaining key staff, tackle the damaging effects of stress, improve health and reduce associated insurance costs and gain valuable loyalty from your workforce.

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