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The importance of corporate wellbeing in business success

Employees overall Wellbeing plays a pivotal role in the success of a business. To do their best work, employees need to know that their health and wellbeing are in good hands. The evidence between higher levels of health, physical activity and work related performance, isn’t in question. The questions we should be asking ourselves are: Have you got a clear wellbeing strategy? Do your interventions actually address tangible physical and mental health benefits or have you just checked some policy boxes? And perhaps the ultimate question; is your business fit for competition?

How can Office Athletes help?

‘Office Athletes’ are uniquely and expertly placed to guide you.  Built on a pedigree of Olympic sporting performance and over 15 years experience working alongside some of the leading UK’s businesses, we have evolved as a dynamic consultancy that delivers proven results from techniques learnt at the cutting edge of performance sport.  We’re your winning combination.  There are already some commonly placed ‘solutions’ to the Wellbeing conundrum.  Subsidised gym memberships, cycle to work schemes and health screenings are amongst the most common cited options, but often these interventions only provide another avenue for the already active, a tick box for a companies green credentials or a worrying report for someone already aware they need to be healthier.   Getting tangible results for the entire population of a business or encouraging those that are stressed to embrace managing their situation despite perceived perceptions requires a smarter more innovative approach.

Some of the services we offer

Our approach to culture and wellbeing

Our working culture and environments are experiencing more change, more quickly than in the last 25 years.  The evolution of our working practice has created ripples that are increasingly impacting on our health and lifestyles.  The ‘always-on’ mindset, decreasing participation in physical activity and the increasingly sedentary nature of our lives are producing a costly problem for our health and the future success of our businesses.

The push for improving Wellbeing isn’t just based on a feeling that we should be healthier, but on real evidence that modern lifestyles and working practice are affecting health and business performance.  This is represented by some shocking statistics.  80% of UK adults are failing to meet the minimum criterion for activity as set by the government, in addition to which more than a quarter of the adult population is obese and 44% with men and 33% of women classified as overweight.(Professor Carol Propper, University of Bristol.  Observer, Centre for Market and Public Organisation at the University of Bristol, 2013)

Mental health is also paramount

And it’s not just our physical health that’s suffering.  Half of UK employees (53%) believe that stress is a problem in their workplace with around a quarter (24%) being very concerned about it (The sixth Aviva health of the workplace report, Autumn, 2012).  Although the prevalence and the effects of stress are similar to those that have musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s), only 1.5% of people have had treatment for stress compared to 3% for MSD’s.  This illustrates the ‘taboo’ that still surrounds the perception of getting treatment for stress.

These physical and mental issues produce a real monetary burden to business. It’s thought that absenteeism alone cost UK business on average £600 per person per year.

From a strength and conditioning start

Office Athletes evolved from our founding company Cambridge Strength & Conditioning (C S&C).  C S&C have a wealth of experience coaching at the highest level. With over 20 years of coaching know-how, they understand how to get the best out of individuals and teams, having helped to produce international and Olympic athletes.  Simultaneously, we have been utilising our sporting experience to underpin and develop a range of services for high performance business.

To a Corporate Wellbeing future

Our corporate experience has seen us working with the likes of ARM Ltd, Diageo, Mediatek, Medimmune, The Judge Business School, The Moller Centre and a host of other small, medium and large businesses.  As a result, we are now recognised as leaders in the Wellbeing industry.  We pride ourselves in designing our services from the latest evidence base.  It is our sporting experience that has taught us to constantly evaluate and evolve, enabling us to always present ‘best practice’ to the constantly developing needs of our clients.  From high-level executive education and policy consultancy to specialist individual injury treatment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation coaching, Office Athletes provide a level of expertise and a dynamic range of services that other providers can’t match.  Couple that with an engaging practical delivery, honed from coaching experience that delivers results, you have the winning formula for Wellbeing service provision.

Our three-step process


Step 1: A collaborative process allows us to build on the fact find and design a game-changing Corporate Wellbeing Programme.


Step 2: Working with the client team as well as select 3rd parties we develop a highly tailored Corporate Wellbeing Programme.


Step 3: Thee programme is launched jointly with the client team with a full schedule of periodic and ongoing events and activities.

How can we help?

Challenge us with how to help you get your team firing on all cylinders! Let us help you get the most out of your most valuable resource!