Corporate Wellbeing Programmes

Challenge us with how to help you use Corporate Wellbeing Programmes to get your team firing on all cylinders! Let us help you get the most out of your most valuable resource!

What is a corporate wellbeing programme?

Corporate wellbeing programmes are designed to help businesses encourage healthier lifestyle choices by their workforce. They may be designed internally by the people function, or in partnership with external corporate wellbeing experts.

Research (such as that covered by Forbes) shows that Corporate Wellness programs can reduce absenteeism, improve productivity and grow positive morale.

Office Athletes

Designing a dynamic and effective corporate wellbeing programme?

Your Corporate Wellbeing partner should be as dynamic and driven in delivering your corporate wellbeing programme as you are in your business. Programmes should be expert led and client centred. That way the unique needs of your business and your workforce are taken care of to optimum effect. Office Athletes represent the expert choice, with an unrivaled consultancy team capable of understanding what your business needs and the practical demands of how to deliver it.

Do you have a culturally balanced programme?

It’s one thing knowing you need a corporate wellbeing programme, it’s another to create a culture that provides results for your business wrapped up in a service your team will love. Ease the burden of key stakeholders by allowing us to balance the needs of the commercial teams, people, facilities and finance and contact Office Athletes.

Building an award winning corporate wellbeing programme

From specialist injury management and postural re-education to new joiner health checks, MOT’s and age related health screening we provide a complete service. Road show’s, special events and ‘Lunch & Learns’ are carefully planned into a your calendar of events. From Physiotherapists to Strength & Conditioning Coaches, nutrition experts and life coaches, we’ll provide the knowledge, experience the people to get the best out of your team. If you really want to compete in business, you’ll need a team of Office Athletes!

How can we help?

Challenge us with how to help you get your team firing on all cylinders! Let us help you get the most out of your most valuable resource!