Performance for teams

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24/02/2020 Andrew

Performance for teams

How to use corporate wellbeing to build high performing teams

As a technology company with a young workforce, Arm and Office Athletes wanted smartphones to be at the centre of the wellbeing initiative under development.

Building on the success of geocaching as a pastime (an activity where participants use their mobile phone’s GPS to find containers at specific locations as well as the popularity of augmented reality games like Pokémon Go, it was decided to create an initiative to encourage the team to be more active.

The Arm-GO game saw employees download a map that marked eight locations in Cambridge. Using their phone’s GPS, participants needed to visit these locations and scan a QR code to reveal a further puzzle to solve. Once they had visited all eight locations they had to submit their answers to each of the puzzles to be entered into a prize draw.

Most employees chose to play Arm-GO during their lunchbreak or immediately after work, suggesting that the initiative was achieving its aim of getting the team to spend more time outside during their working day.

Our judges described this entry as “a good example of creating wellbeing activity bespoke to cultures and age profile” and an initiative that has “been delivered within a tight budget but has clearly delivered positive results, targeting an issue important for desk-based staff i.e. physical activity. Adapting approaches used elsewhere is clever and good to see the success they have achieved in engaging staff.”