IWFM Impact Awards 2020 – Finalists!

29/07/2020 Andrew

IWFM Impact Awards 2020 – Finalists!

Arm and Office Athletes share prestigious wellbeing honour

We’re very proud to announce that global technology giant arm and corporate wellbeing specialists Office Athletes have been selected as finalist in the Wellbeing category of the IWFM Impact Awards 2020 for Arm-GO. Having been winners at the Health & Wellbeing Awards earlier this year, this is further validation of the excellent results achieved from our partnership with long-term client, arm.

A gamified solution

Arm-GO is a smartphone based corporate wellbeing initiative. It builds on the popularity of geocaching as a pastime and of augmented reality games like Pokémon Go. It encourages the arm team to be more active in a fun and engaging way to get them away from their desks and out into the fresh air.

With Arm-GO, the team download a map with eight locations marked throughout historic university city, and arm’s home, Cambridge. Using their phone’s GPS, participants visit these locations and scan a QR code to reveal a further puzzle to solve. Participants entered a draw by submitting their answers to each of the puzzles after visiting all eight locations.

Most employees chose to play Arm-GO during their lunch-break or immediately after work. The initiative achieved its aim of getting the team to spend more time outside during their working day.

IWFM Impact Awards 2020 Judge’s feedback

Chair of Judges Julie Kortens said:

“During tough times, it’s easy to question the value of industry awards, but I think it is really important that we highlight and recognise the achievements made by teams and organisations throughout the year. Right now, we are seeing some of our profession’s best work and we should recognise it.

‘Being a finalist in the IWFM Impact Awards is a great achievement in itself, as well as an encouragement to others”

The IWFM will announce the winner of the IWFM Impact Awards 2020 in October, so watch this space!