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Evolutionary Corporate Wellbeing

How Office Athletes promote physical and mental wellbeing

Office Athletes is an award-winning corporate wellbeing company. Having started life supporting world class athletes to achieve their goals, we quickly saw the value of applying these principles to the corporate world. Working initially with University of Cambridge’s Judge and Moller executive programmes, we now apply the same high performance principles to wider corporate wellbeing.

Clients already benefiting from our approach include: the technology giant arm and global retailer Tesco. Are you and your team ready for peak performance?

“FTSE 100 companies that prioritise employee engagement and wellbeing outperform the rest of the FTSE 100 by 10 per cent”

Business In The Community, 2017

How Office Athletes can help

Because of our heritage and philosophy, Office Athletes is a corporate wellbeing company that goes way beyond ticking the Health and Safety boxes. Our focus is on helping our clients provide a work ecosystem where their most important asset, their people, are able to perform to the best of their physical and mental ability.

As a result both the individual and the organisation become more productive, the team is happier and talent stays longer. As replacing great team members becomes harder, time-consuming and more expensive, happier and longer serving talent becomes an even more important as an organisation’s competitive advantage.

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What our clients say

“Having worked with Office Athletes as a core partner within our Workplace team for over 5 years, it’s hard to think of a group made up of individuals who are better aligned to the businesses core values. They’ve become part of the Workplace fabric, and the deep rooted relationships and services that they’ve developed have enabled them to contribute to a sustainable, world class service – which we are now replicating globally.”

“I can think of countless real world examples where the alignment across their healthcare, sports science, mental health and therapy services approach has had a positive impact for individuals and teams – and the opportunities that this alignment brings are truly unique.”

Senior Leader, Arm Workplace

Awards Office Athletes have won

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